Court of Common Pleas - Local Rules of Court


Local Rules of Judicial Administration

(Including Family Law Rules) In effect as of January 27, 2015
(Prior Local Civil Rules have been repealed)

Local Rules Judicial Administration2019.pdfLocal Rules Judicial Administration

Website - Local Rules Judicial Administration.pdfDAR Official Record Order


Local Rules of Civil Procedure

 Local Rules Civil2019.pdf Local Rules Civil Procedure

 Local Rules Civil2019.pdf Cover Sheet for Civil Complaint

 Local Rules Civil2019.pdf Cover Sheet for Other Pleadings


  Local Rules of Criminal Procedure

(These are the current local rules in effect as of January 2, 2014)

Local Rules Criminal2019.pdf  Local Rules Criminal Procedure


 Local Rules of Orphan's Court

Local Rules of Orphans Court2019.pdfLocal Rules of Orphans Court


 Local Rules of Juvenile Court