Filing the Complaint

In order to begin the process to receive support, a complaint must be filed by the Petitioner (person seeking support) against the Respondent (person who must pay the support). Domestic Relations will accept your complaint to start support proceedings when it receives all pertinent information.

The party filing the support action should provide as much of the following information as possible at the time of the scheduled intake appointment:

  1. The Social Security numbers for all parties (plaintiff and defendant) and for each child for who support is sought
  2. A birth certificate for each child for who support is sought
  3. The Defendant’s home address and the address of his or her employer
  4. Proof of medical coverage
  5. Marriage license / divorce decree / current PFA
  6. The last six pay stubs
  7. A copy of the previous year’s tax return
  8. Proof of other sources of income for the Defendant

Failure to provide the intake officer with the above information will slow the processing procedure and will then cause a delay in the receipt of support. Please come prepared on the day of your intake appointment and supply as much information as possible.