Judge Janet Swihart

 District Court 36-3-04


Ms. Swihart commenced her duties as the second female Magisterial District Judge in Beaver County history on January 3, 1994, after being elected to a six-year term. She was re-elected for a second term in 1999, a third term in 2005 and fourth term in 2011 and a fifth term in 2017.

Magisterial District Judge Swihart is a graduate of Ambridge High School and the Bradford School. Commencing her career in the district court system in 1981, Ms. Swihart initially worked for District Judge John Ayoob in Aliquippa.

In 1983, she transferred to District Court 36-3-04 to work for her predecessor, Stephen D. Mihalic and became office manager in1985. Ms. Swihart continued to work for Mr. Mihalic until his retirement in 1993.