Public Notice

 Beaver County - Judicial District 36


Magisterial District Reestablishment Proposal Summary

The following proposal will be submitted to the Administrative Office Of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) and the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania after 30 day publication and comment period, which begins on February 15, 2012 and runs through March 16, 2012.

The complete proposal can be found on the courts website at:

The Judicial District worksheet and Magisterial District Reestablishment worksheets were supplied by the AOPC as part of a package to be used by all the Commonwealth’s judicial districts, which operate Magisterial District Courts. The data used to formulate comparisons within the district and with other Fourth Class Counties was supplied by the AOPC for a six year period of time: 2005-2010.

As part of this proposal, there are two maps: one map shows the Magisterial Districts as they exist today and the other depicts the Magisterial Districts as they will appear if the proposed changes are adopted.

The proposed dates for realignment of the affected districts are as follows:

1/1/2016 – Magisterial District 36-1-03 is eliminated and becomes part of Magisterial District 36-3-04.

1/1/2013 - Rochester Township will become a part of Magisterial District Court 36-3-1 in New Brighton and will no longer be a part of Magisterial District 36-2-01.

6/1/2012 – Pa. State Police will begin filing all citations and criminal complaints from its patrolling of the Pa. Turnpike in District Court 36-3-02, even if the offense has occurred on the portion of the turnpike in 36-2-01 or 36-3-01. This will be effectuated via an Administrative Order from the President Judge and not be made part of the Reestablishment order from the Supreme Court.

New Sewickley Township and North Sewickley Township are staying in their respective Magisterial Districts and the only areas of those municipalities that are being moved to 36-3-02 are those sections that are covered by the Pa. Turnpike.