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Beaver County Sheriff's Office PatchThe Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is a full service agency, operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Sheriff’s Office operates the Beaver County Regional Booking Center conducting video arraignments to its nine magisterial districts, along with its warrants/fugitive detail located at the Beaver County Jail in Aliquippa. The Sheriff’s Office also provides all transportation of its juveniles to their holding facility in Steubenville, Ohio, as well as the other institutions throughout the Commonwealth.

In January 2008, the Sheriff’s Office took over security at the Beaver County Human Services Building in Beaver Falls. It houses the offices of Children and Youth Services, Mental Health and Retardation, and the Beaver County Office on Aging. At the present time, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Division has four dogs, three of which are dual purpose: one is trained in explosives and patrol; two are trained in narcotics and patrol; and one has been trained as a man-tracking bloodhound. The units are available for school and civic presentations as well as assisting federal, state and local agencies whenever called upon.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to patrol the four county parks as well as the Beaver County Airport. Along with patrol duties, the Sheriff’s Office Motorcycle Unit provides an escort at Veterans parades and other important events.

Throughout the year, the Sheriff’s Office provides manpower to assist Beaver County communities at their various celebrations and events. For over thirty-five years, the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office has provided around-the-clock security at the annual fair in Hookstown.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputies serve on the Beaver County Emergency Services Tactical Unit and deploy whenever needed. The Sheriff’s Office was called to assist the United States Secret Service in the protection of President Obama during his visit to Beaver County in 2008. In addition, the Sheriff’s Office is called upon to assist Federal, local law enforcement agencies, State Parole and probation, Beaver County Adult Probation and the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency.


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 Contact Information

General Contact
Phone: 724-770-4600
Fax: 724-728-2412
Email: Sheriff@beavercountypa.gov
Criminal Division      
Phone: 724-770-4602           
Fax: 724-728-5080
Gun Permits
Phone: 724-770-4614
Bench Warrants        
Phone: 724-512-2394           
Fax: 724-378-9065
Civil Division            
Phone: 724-770-4612           
Fax: 724-728-2412
Real Estate
Phone: 724-770-4613
Hours of Operation:
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
License to Carry Registration Hours:
8:30 AM – 4 PM, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays)
After Hours:
Please call Beaver County Police Center at 724-775-0880. Phone answers 24 hours/day.