Boat Registrations

All boating registrations must be applied for in person.


 The Applicant must present:

  • A Completed and signed registration form REV: 336
  • The old owner's registration card
  • Signed bill-of-sale or purchaser's signature on the REV:336
  • Title (if the boat was titled before or in another state)
  • If a new boat, the applicant must apply for a title
  • Affidavit of ownership form (if never registered or purchased at yard/garage sale)
  • Capacity plate (if no capacity plate, applicant must apply for one, using Form PFBC-702)

 The cost of a 2-year registration


Check payable to PA FISH & BOAT COMMISSION): 

  • Unpowered boats: $18.00
  • Boats less than 16 feet: $26.00
  • 16 feet, but less than 20 feet: $39.00
  • Boats over 20 feet: $52.00
  • Title Fee: $15.00
  • Lien Fee: $5.00
  • Duplicate Registration Card: $3.00 (Lost only)
  • Capacity Plates: $5.00
  • Agent fee: $15.00
This agent fee is payable to Connie T. Javens, Beaver County Treasurer ONLY in either check or cash)

 To Download forms directly from the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission website, click on the required form from the list below: