Hunting Licenses

In Beaver County, all hunting requires licensure from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

For July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, the Hunting License Fees are:


 General Hunting


​Resident Adult:  $20.70

*Resident Military:  $2.70

Resident Junior*:  $6.70

Resident Junior Combination* (1st Edition):  $9.70

Resident Senior:  $13.70

**Resident Senior Lifetime:  $51.70

**Resident Senior Lifetime Combo:  $101.70

**Resident Senior Lifetime Renewals:  No Charge

**Resident Landowner:  $4.70

Non-Resident Adult:  $101.70

Non-Resident Junior*:  $41.70

Non-Resident Junior Combination* (1st Edition):  $51.70

7-Day Non-Resident Small Game:  $31.70

***Resident Disabled Veteran:  No Charge




​Resident Muzzleloader:  $11.70

Non-Resident Muzzleloader (1st Edition):  $21.70

Resident Archery:  $16.70

Non-Resident Archery (1st Edition):  $26.70

7-Day Non-Resident Small Game:  $31.70

Resident Migratory Game Bird:  $3.70

Non-Resident Migratory Game Bird:  $6​.70

Resident Bear:  $16.70

Non-Resident Bear:  $36.70

Resident Antlerless Deer (including surplus licenses):  $6.70

Non-Resident Antlerless Deer (including surplus licenses):  $26.70

***Resident Unsold:  $6.70

***Non-Resident Unsold:  $26.70

***Resident Armed Forces:  $6.70

***Resident Disabled Veteran:  $6.70

***Resident Landowner:  $6.70

***Non-Resident Landowner:  $26.70

**Resident Elk:  $25.70

**Non-Resident Elk:  $250.70

****Resident Spring Gobbler (2nd Tag):  $21.70

****Non-Resident Spring Gobbler (2nd Tag):  $41.70


 The Fur Taker License Fees for July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012 are:


Resident Adult:  $20.70

Resident Junior*:  $6.70

Resident Senior:  $13.70

**Resident Senior Lifetime:  $51.70

Resident Senior Lifetime Renewal:  No Charge

Non-Resident Adult:  $81.70

Non-Resident Junior (See Note Below):  $41-70


NOTE:  Eleven (11) year-olds who will reach age twelve (12) by December 31 of the license year and have successfully completed the required Hunter-Trapper Education Course are eligible to purchase a Junior license.  However, they may not hunt or trap with the Junior license until they actually reach age twelve.

* Reduced Fee ($2) hunting licenses also available for qualified residents who are members of the PA National Guard, Reserves or POWs. Issued by County Treasurers and PGC offices only.

** Issued by PGC Offices only. (Elk license applications may be submitted by mail, on-line or over-the counter at PGC offices during the application period. There is a $10.00 nonrefundable application fee.)

*** Issued by County Treasurers only. (See Digest of Hunting and Trapping Regulations for antlerless deer license application procedures relating to wildlife management units.)

**** Special Spring gobbler Season licenses, for a second spring gobbler tag, may be applied for by mail, on-line or over-the-counter at PGC offices during the application period. See Digest or website for the application and information on when you may apply.

Note: Combination license types grant hunting, fur taker, archery and muzzleloader privileges. All replacement licenses cost $6.00.


 Disabled War Veteran Free Hunting and Fur Taker License Requirements


​Under authority of Sec. 2706 of the Pennsylvania Game and Wildlife Code, a disabled war veteran can obtain a free Resident Hunting and/or Fur taker License by meeting the following requirements:

  • Must be a bona fide resident of Pennsylvania
  • Must be a veteran (no longer in the active military service).
  • The disability must have been service incurred while in the active military service during one of the following wars or armed conflicts:
    • World War I (4/6/17 through 11/11/18)
    • World War II (12/7/41 through 12/31/46)
    • Korean Conflict (6/27/50 through 1/31/55)
    • Vietnam Conflict (8/5/64 through 5/7/75)
    • Desert Storm (8/2/90 through 2/28/91)
  • The disability must consist of:
    • The loss of one or more limbs or the loss of the use of one or more limbs
    • Or a physician's certificate of total or 100% disability when the disability is not visually obvious to the County Treasurer.
  • The application for this license shall contain a statement in addition to the other information required that the applicant is a war veteran and that the disability was service incurred.
  • The County Treasurer in his/her discretion may require the applicant to produce appropriate discharge papers.
  • Applicants must provide to the County Treasurer their respective "Disabled War Veteran Claim Number" (for some veterans discharged in 1973 and later, this claim number will be the same as their Social Security Number).

All Applicants for this license, which is available only from the County Treasurer, must prove to the satisfaction of the County Treasurer, that they meet the above listed requirements.  This free license shall include only the regular hunting license - it does not include any of the other licenses such as archery, muzzleloader, antlerless deer, etc.  A disabled veteran who qualifies for the issuance of a free resident hunting or fur taker license and produces documentation to prove that the qualifying disability is permanent, may apply for a disabled veteran lifetime hunting or fur taker license.  For further information please see the Beaver County Treasurer or contact the Pennsylvania Game Commission, License Division at (717) 787-2084

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