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 Mission Statement


​The mission of the department is to protect the natural environment and public health and safety of the residents of Beaver County, through implementation of environmentally sound waste management practices.

To accomplish this, this department has committed to assure county facility compliance with the mandates of Act 101 and Act 97, and to provide assistance, as defined in the Beaver County Municipal Waste Management Plan, to our county's fifty-four municipalities in compliance with the referenced legislation.


 Department of Waste Management

​Holly Vogt, Director

 Electronic Program Fees



The Recycling Center is able to take cash, check, or money orders.  No credit cards or debit cards are taken.

Tube TVs & Tube Monitors

19” and under                                            $20.00 

20” and over Tube TV under 50 pounds   $20.00

Tube TVs 51 pounds and up                     $0.40 per pound

Flat Screen TVs and Monitors 

19” and under                                   $10.00

20” to 34”                                          $20.00 

35” and above                                  $35.00

Broken or Disassembled TVs       $50.00
Copier                                              $25.00
Microwave                                       $10.00
Radio,VCR,DVD                              $5.00
Laptop                                              $5.00
Printer                                              $5.00
Keyboards,speakers                        $5.00
CPU                                                 $Free
Compost - $15 per cubic yard








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Beaver County Waste Management
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Office: 724-770-2066
Fax: 724-770-2071
Recycling Center
Bradys Run Park
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Office: 724-770-2064
Fax: 724-770-2065