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The grantor/grantee index provided for you on this web site will enable you to search public records for the Beaver County Recorder's Office for Deeds from 1957 to present and Mortgages, from July 1974 to present. Images are available from January 1, 1974 to present. Our records by statute are indexed in alphabetical order by name (last name first, Corporations, use STEM NAME i.e. American Postal Worker's, Inc., type in AMERICAN POSTAL hit query or enter.) You will need at least one of the parties' names and approximate date of the transaction to do the search. You may also search for information by a specific field or combination of fields presented here. Please use the "QUERY HELP" button to guide you through the
search system.


The Beaver County Recorder of Deeds, or representatives, make no warranties or representations, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy of any information in the Beaver County Internet Access web site. Any other information included on the Recorder's index is strictly provided for the convenience of our customers and is not required by law. The Recorder of Deeds recommends that all customers verify all information contained on the Recorder's index by examining the paper, microfilmed or imaged copy of the recorded instrument.

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