Divided by Rivers - United by People

Sheriff Staff

The Beaver County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 24 full-time and 27 part-time Deputies.  The authority on decision making is shared by these Deputies in capacities ranging from Corporals, Sergeants, Lieutenants, a Captain, a Chief Deputy and ultimately, the Sheriff.


Name Title Phone Fax
Tony Guy Sheriff 724-770-4600 724-728-2412
Dean Michael Chief Deputy 724-770-4606  
Jay P. Alstadt Captain 724-770-4617  
James P. McGeehan Lieutenant 724-770-4604  

Civil Division

Name Title Phone Fax
Louise Battalini Clerk 724-770-4609  
Mary Kay Bisceglia Clerk 724-770-4613  
Stephani Guidice Clerk 724-770-4614  
Jackie Springston Clerk 724-770-4610  
Theresa Matteo Clerk 724-770-4612  
Lucille Wytiaz Clerk 724-770-4611  

Criminal Division

Name Title Phone Fax
Main Desk Operations 724-770-4602 724-728-5080
Deputy's Office   724-770-4607  
Sergeant's Office   724-770-4608  
Michael Goff Night Security Guard after 4:30pm 724-417-2726  
Inside Night Line   724-773-8549  

RBC - Jail

Name Title Phone Fax
John Kutzko Sergeant 724-512-2391  
Joe Hamilton Deputy, Assistant 724-512-2392  

Warrants Division

Name Title Phone Fax
Anthony Buccilli Deputy Supervisor 724-512-2393  
Main Desk Operations 724-512-2393  
Ashley Alstadt Warrants Secretary 724-512-2394  
Tom Shane Deputy 724-512-2395