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ARPA Spending – Infrastructure

The Commissioners initially allocated a total of $30 million for infrastructure.  This is currently split between Water/Sewer and Broadband.  The chart below shows spending to date vs. allocated.   The initial allocation for Water & Sewer was $10 million which this chart references.  But as the next table will show, after the Commissioners reviewed all the infrastructure projects submitted by the municipalities, that number was increased to almost $20 million. 

ARPA Spending Infrastructure Graph

The link below details all requests submitted for infrastructure by the municipalities and authorities.  The last column shows what the commissioners approved/awarded for each entity.   This money will not be paid out in lump sum but reimbursed to the municipality after submission of expenditures. 

Water & Sewer – Requested to Awarded

To see the detail of actual reimbursements to date for Water/Sewer and Broadband, click the appropriate link below.

Water & Sewer – Awarded to Actual

Broadband Detail