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Jury Services 

The primary duty and responsibility of the Jury Services is to oversee and maintain the integrity of the process by which jurors are selected.

The Jury Management system utilizes a two-step process to qualify and summon jurors. First, from a Master List, generated by voter registration polls from the Bureau of Elections, individuals are randomly selected and then mailed juror questionnaire.

Second, eligible citizens are then placed in the Pool of Qualified Jurors. As the needs of the court require, qualified jurors are selected at random and mailed a Summons to Appear for a specific service date. The number of names drawn for each term of Court is set by Court Order from the President Judge.


  • Provide a supply of Jurors to the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas.
  • Supply as needed Jurors to the Beaver County Coroner’s Office.
  • Assist Jurors in filling out questionnaire’s and letters of excusal.
  • Complete explanation of concerns or questions pertaining to jury duty experience.
  • Adequate amount of jurors for arrival for jury duty on a given day.
  • Update and implement jurors selected at random from a representative cross-section of the eligible population of the county.
  • We believe in an open door policy. By helping to solve problems, Jury Services benefit by gaining valuable insight into possible problems with existing methods, procedures and approaches. While there may not always be an easy answer or solution to every concern, as a prospective juror you have the opportunity at all times, through the open door policy, to be heard.

Jury Services

Contact Information

Beaver County Court House
810 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009
(724) 770-4620 

Tamara L. Golletti
Email: tgolletti@beavercountypa.gov
(724) 770-4620
Fax (724) 770-4758