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Welcome To The Election Bureau

The Bureau of Elections & Voter Registration Office maintains and controls all activities relating to Voter Registration and Elections under the supervision of the Beaver County Board of Elections. The duties of this office includes processing voter registration forms, preparing all supplies and voting equipment for the Elections, and schedules all activities necessary before, during, and after Election Day.

This office is held accountable for the effective conduct of all elections and voter registrations throughout the County, and as such the Bureau of Elections staff work cooperatively with the courts, state elections commission and political parties. Beaver County’s 129 polling places are equipped with 457 voting units that are tested and calibrated by the Elections Bureau, and all investigations, petitions, and sub-divisions of any election district are processed by the office. Training for the 516 election officials working on any election day is also maintained by the Elections Bureau. Additionally, all ballots, whether absentee or electronic, are proof-read and monitored by the staff. The office also processes petitions required for public office, files campaigns reports, updates voter history and prepares poll books for election days.