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Welcome To The Treasurer’s Office

The Treasurer’s Office collects current year’s county property taxes and issues dog, hunting, fishing licenses and sportsmen’s pistol permits. Small Games of Chance Licenses, Special Raffle Permits and Bingo Licenses are also processed in this office.

2024 Tax bills were mailed out in January

[If your mortgage company has changed, it is your responsibility to contact the Assessment Office at 724-770-4480 to correct the address for future mailings. Failure to receive a Beaver County Tax bill does not change the amount owed or due dates.]

Important Notice about Current Year Tax 

Beaver County Taxes 2024

2024 County Taxes are due to the Treasurer’s office by December 31, 2024

Collection Periods:

    • January 8 thru March 8 – 2% Discount
    • March 9 thru May 10 – Face
    • May 11 thru December 31 – 10% Penalty

The Treasurer’s Office will accept cash, personal check, money order or bank cashier’s check payments through December 16, 2024. 

From December 16 - 31, 2024 the County will ONLY accept guaranteed funds in the form of cash, bank certified or cashier’s check. Personal checks received from December 16-31, 2024 will be rejected.

Check or money orders are made payable to 

Beaver County Treasurer, Sandie Egley

NEW: Now accepting E-checks, along with Credit and Debit Cards for County Tax

Paying taxes online by E-Check is cheaper than a Postage Stamp

From Dec. 1 - 31, 2024, online payment of 2024 county taxes is not available. Call the Treasurer's office to make a credit card or E-check payment over the phone. 724-770-4540

Credit Card Transaction Fees

Prior Tax Years

Unpaid taxes are paid to the Beaver County Tax Claim Bureau and will have additional charges. Contact their office with any questions. 724-770-4480 

Changes to your Mortgage or Ownership of a Parcel

It is the owner’s responsibility to contact the Beaver County Assessment Office to report any changes that would affect your parcel and collection of taxes.

Phone 724-770-4480

These may include, but not limited to the following

    • Changes to the owner’s mailing address
    • Adding or removing an escrow company
    • Sale or purchase of a property


The purpose of the information listed on this website is to be helpful to those who have questions. Please note that absolutely no information listed for the Beaver County Treasurer should be used as legal advice. If you have a question concerning legality please contact an attorney.

Contact Us

Sandie Egley, Treasurer
Beaver County Courthouse
810 Third Street
Beaver, PA 15009

Phone: 724-770-4540
Fax: 724-728-4345

Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Lost Dog:
After hours phone
(Beaver County Police Center/=
Answers 24 Hours/Day)

Search for its owner at:
Dog Licenses Website


A TAX CERTIFICATION is a legal document, certified by the County Treasurer, that serves as proof of payment of a county tax bill on a particular parcel. It verifies payments made in the last four years.

Tax Certifications fee: $26 per parcel for a non-owner

A DUPLICATE BILL fee is charged to non-owners when our office provides a copy of an original tax bill that was previously mailed at the beginning of each year.

Duplicate Bill fee: $10.00 per parcel

Mail your request and payment to the Treasurer’s office.