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Small Games of Chance Licenses

Packets of Small Games of Chance Licenses information are available from the Office of the Treasurer of Beaver County. Be sure to bring the entire packet and all additional required information to the County Treasurers Office.
In order to properly verify and process your application, bring your completed packet to our office by 4:00 pm.

Eligible Organizations 

Only qualifying eligible organizations which have been in existence at least one year may apply.


    • Completed notarized application form Rev. 1752
    • Filled out resolution of the organization
    • If any information contained on Form Review 1752 changes, the organization must notify Treasurer’s Office within 15 days of change.

Annual Fee: $125.00
Monthly $25.00 Payable to Beaver County Treasurer, Sandie Egley
Special Raffle Permit: $25.00 (Needed if any awarded prize is over $2000.00. Available only to organizations that hold a Small Games of Chance license. No form.)

In order to obtain a Small Games of Chance License, you must have the application notarized. If it is brought into the Treasurer's Office to be notarized, you must sign it in the presence of the notary and show your driver's license.


    • Aggregate prize limit not to exceed $35,000 in any seven-day period.
    • Individual prize limit not to exceed $2,000.
    • Raffle prize limit not to exceed $15,000 in any calendar month.
    • Special raffle permits are available for raffles in excess of raffle prize limit, but not to exceed $150,000.
    • Volunteer fire, ambulance or rescue organizations may, but not to exceed $250,000.

A licensed eligible organization shall be eligible to receive no more than ten special permits in any licensed term, except volunteer fire, ambulance, rescue or conservation organization that is not a club licensee shall be eligible to receive twelve special permits in any licensed term.

Reporting Requirements

Beginning in 2014, a club licensee with proceeds in excess of $20,000 in a calendar year shall submit annual reports to the department for the preceding 12-month period on a form and in a manner prescribed by the department.

Refer to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue website to review Act 2 Small Games of Chance Amendments for further reporting requirements.




The purpose of the information listed on this website is to be helpful to those who have questions. Please note that absolutely no information listed for the Beaver County Treasurer should be used as legal advice. If you have a question concerning legality please contact an attorney.