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Sale Of Property From The Repository Of Unsold Property

Applications Available at the Beaver County Assessment Office

    1. The minimum bid acceptable to the Tax Claim Bureau will be the record costs as they appear on the dockets of each individual parcel in the Repository of unsold properties; this does not constitute market value.
    2. Pursuant to section 627 of the Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law, affected taxing authorities must give written consent to the sale of any property held in the Repository of Unsold Property.
      • Prospective purchasers must complete and obtain signed acknowledgement from all affected taxing authorities consenting to the proposed sale.
      • Prospective purchasers should initially approach the Chief County Assessor on behalf of Beaver County.
    3. Prospective purchasers will be responsible for all costs relative to the consummation of any sale from the Repository of Unsold Property.
      • Prospective purchasers must complete and submit with all consent forms, a Repository Settlement Statement.
      • Prospective purchasers will agree that all tax claims which accrued subsequent to the year of the judicial sale will become the responsibility of the prospective purchaser and the Bureau will offer a one year period to pay.
    4. Upon submission of the completed consent form, the Repository Settlement Statement and the remittance of the bid and all costs (in cash only), the Tax Claim Bureau will issue a certificate of purchase to the purchaser.
    5. Within 30 days the purchaser will be requested to review the deed, prepared by the Tax Claim Bureau, and the deed will be recorded at the Beaver County Recorder of Deeds Office.