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A guardianship is created when a person is declared incapacitated by the Court, which means they are no longer able to make essential decisions about either their person or their finances. To initiate a guardianship, a petition must be filed by legal counsel with the Court and a hearing set. The alleged incapacitated person is notified by citation and has the right to appear or be represented by counsel in Court to oppose or accept the determination.

Once the Guardian has been appointed, an inventory must be filed within 90 days. An annual report must also be filed by the Guardian.

All of these filings are handled in the Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans' Court office and the fees for filing are as follows:

Guardianship Petition: $35.00
JCS (State Tax): $40.25
County Auto: $15.00
Inventory: $10.00

Annual Reports:  Online GTS $10.00 - Per Report
Annual Reports: Paper in Office $25.00 - Per Report

A booklet entitled "Now That You Are a Guardian" is given to the Guardian the day they are appointed, and any questions they may have from the book can be answered by calling the office at (724) 770-4552 or by contacting their Attorney.

Requirements on New Guardianship

*** New Guardianship Memo ***

Guardian Tracking System (GTS) Help system information:

Phone number: 1-(877)-227-2672

Email: gtsaopc@pacourts.us