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Internships With The Courts

Internships with the Court

The Court of Common Pleas of Beaver County offers two types of internship programs for interested and qualified students.

We offer a limited number of “for credit” internships throughout the school year for those students who need an internship to complete their course of study. They are open to undergraduate students in their junior or senior year of study in a four year baccalaureate program.

These “for credit” internships offer no financial compensation and can be completed in any one of the three Courts departments – Adult Probation, Juvenile Services or Domestic Relations.

The Court also offers a non-credit, non-compensated Summer Legal Internship Program for undergraduate students who have completed their junior or senior year of college and are interested in applying to law school.

This Summer Legal Internship Program is also open to students enrolled in an accredited law school who seek a better understanding of the Court system and the work that attorneys do within the system.

During this internship, students rotate through various Court and Court-related offices, observe actual court hearings and get to interact with attorneys and law clerks.

The goal is to for the student not only to see what takes place but to understand the important function that each office undertakes and its role within the court system. A typical week generally involves an interview with the department head, shadowing a staff member and attending court hearings.

The internship program, which is coordinated by Deputy Court Administrator William Hare, provides a valuable opportunity for students who interested in increasing their familiarity with the court system and the role of lawyers within the system.

The rotations include the Court Administrator’s office, a Magisterial District Court, the Law Library, the District Attorney and Public Defender offices, Adult Probation, Juvenile Services and Domestic Relations as well as spending time with Judicial Law Clerks.

The intern is also given an opportunity to sit through a jury trial, attend court proceedings and in certain instances, conduct legal research.

Requests for consideration for an internship should be directed to:

Garrett Harper, Esq.
Court Administrator
Court Administrator’s Office
Beaver County Courthouse
Beaver, PA 15009

All requests must include a cover letter, resume and contact information.