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Municipal Quarterly Training

Under Title 35, the Emergency Management Coordinator (EMC) is responsible to attend offered trainings and to attain certifications through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA).  As part of Title 35, The County is required to notify the local municipalities of any noted deficiencies. 

 Beaver County Emergency Services offers Quarterly Training opportunities at the Emergency Services Center.  The EMC must attend at least two of these sessions per year. We try to make the training convenient by holding both afternoon and evening sessions.  Reminders are sent out to all EMCs via email regarding the upcoming training. On top of the in-house training available, appointed EMCs must attain the PEMA Local Basic Certification level within 1 year of their initial appointment as coordinator.  Following that certification, they are asked to complete PEMA Advanced Certification within 3 years of appointment. Following that certification, we recommend for you to advance your Emergency Management career to complete PEMA Professional Certification.

Municipal Quarterly Training Dates


February 22
April 12

September 13