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Financial Assistance For Veterans

Financial AssistanceAfter separation from service, the VA will guarantee your loan for the purchase of a home, manufactured home or condominium. You may apply for the Certificate of Eligibility either: - Through our office which is then submitted to the Veterans Administration in Winston-Salem, NC. (Allow 6-8 weeks for a reply)

To obtain this certificate, you must provide a certified copy of your discharge papers (DD214). Reservists with 6 years of service may also be eligible. Your reserve unit can provide you with documentation - DD2384. Once you obtain the Certificate of Eligibility, your lending institute will assist you.

Disability Compensation

Monetary benefits, called disability compensation are paid to veterans who are disabled by injury or disease incurred or aggravated during military service. The amount paid varies with the degree of disability and is paid monthly. Payments are made from the date of separation if the claim is filed within one year of separation. Our office will assist with the completion of the required forms and follow through with the claim until completed. 

Non-Service Connected Pension

Monetary benefits may be paid to war time veterans with low incomes if they have 90 days of active military service with at least one day during a war period. Applicant must have an honorable discharge. Payments are made to bring veterans income to a level established by Congress. Certain unreimbursed medical expenses may reduce countable income. 

Veterans Temporary Assistance

To provide temporary financial assistance to Veterans and their beneficiaries who reside in Pennsylvania for the necessities of life (food, dairy, shelter, fuel, clothing). Application must be completed by the County Veterans office. Call the office for more detailed information. 

Survivor Benefits

Surviving spouses of wartime veterans may be eligible for benefits depending on the circumstances. Contact the County Office for details.