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Record Research Procedure

The following procedure (effective May 1, 2018) should be followed when requesting the Clerk of Courts to conduct a Record Search:

Private Individuals/Research Companies/Non Government Agencies

The Clerk of Courts does not conduct criminal record searches for the public.  Individuals who request a criminal history background check are directed to the Pennsylvania State Police website at:  epatch.state.pa.us.

 Anyone who wishes to conduct their own Record Search may do so free of charge by visiting the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania public web site at:  ujsportal.pacourts.us.  You may then select “Docket Sheets” and from there you may choose which type of search you wish to conduct.  Should you wish a copy of any document, there is a $.50 per page copy fee for any public document; any record which is on micro-film, will be assessed a $10.00 record management fee and the $.50 per page copy fee.

Government Agencies and Police Departments

Submit in writing or by fax on your official letterhead, the individual’s name, address, date of birth and social security number, if available.  Without proper identification of your agency, a research of the record will not be conducted.  As part of your request for documents, you are required to provide the Common Pleas case number of the individual you are researching.  You may obtain the Common Pleas case number by accessing the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania public web site at:  ujs.pacourts.us

Requests in writing are to be addressed to:  Judy R. Enslen, Clerk of Courts, Attention:  Megan, Beaver County Courthouse, 810 Third Street, Beaver, PA 15009.  Faxed requests may be sent to:  724-728-8853,

Attention:  Megan.

Please be advised any requested research will be done at our earliest possible convenience.