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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Services in Beaver County are designed to help families maximize the developmental potential of infants and toddlers who are at-risk for or have developmental disabilities. Early Intervention builds upon the natural learning occurring from birth to three years of age. Services are individualized and based on the concerns and priorities of the family and the needs of each child. Early Intervention can enhance your child’s development by…

  • Answering your questions about your child’s development.
  • Assisting you to interact with your child throughout daily routines at home and in the community.
  • Enhancing your child’s developmental and educational growth.
  • Supporting your child with developmental delays to become more independent.
  • Preventing the need for more and costly intervention in the future.
  • Supporting communities to become more aware of the gifts and abilities of all its children.

YouTube Video - PA Early Intervention PSA

If you have any questions about your child’s development or for more information about
Early Intervention, please contact Beaver County Direct Services Unit at (724) 891-2827