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Mental Health

Beaver County's Mental Health Programs function in accordance with the State of Pennsylvania's Mental Health Procedures Act. The purpose is to ensure that all children and adults with behavioral health problems are provided appropriate treatment options. Beaver County's Mental Health provider network strives to deliver a comprehensive array of services in a seamless, effective and timely manner.

Services are provided to all eligible children, adults and their families. Beaver County embraces and promotes the Recovery Philosophy and the Child and Adolescent Service System Provider (CASSP) Principles; services are person-centered, delivered in the least restrictive manner, family focused, culturally competent and community based. Issues with co-occurring disorders (MH/DA) and (MH/ID) are recognized and addressed.

Beaver County's Direct Services Unit (DSU) provides a variety of services including but not limited to intake assessment and case management.

For more information please contact:
Beaver County Behavioral Health Direct Services Unit at 724-891-2827