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Planning Commission

What makes human beings unique? The fact that we can plan. Our greatest achievements – from the pyramids of Egypt to the International Space Station – have all resulted from our ability to envision the future and muster the resources need to achieve it. That is what forms the core set of skills and philosophy underpinning the profession of planning.

Professional planners have studied the way our lives are influenced by physical, economic, and social forces. It is the job of planners to help the public shape the kinds of communities desired. Part of this job is done through zoning, division of land into various uses to avoid nuisances and promote a healthy and orderly development. Zoning is a tool, but it is not in itself planning. Planning involves many such tools, including economic and demographic analysis, natural and cultural resource evaluation, goal setting, land use regulation, and strategic planning. It can offer options to citizens so that they may achieve the visions of their own future. Planners are the key to implementing the visions.

Planning is a continuous process. Through constant updates and adjustment, a Comprehensive Plan will aid communities, businesses, and citizens guide their growth and development and preserve and enhance those amenities which make Beaver County an interesting, pleasant and safe place to live, work, and play.

In December of 2008, Beaver County adopted Master Site Plans for Bradys Run Park, Brush Creek Park and Old Economy Park. On May 13, 2010, Beaver County adopted the current Comprehensive Plan. The adoption of the May 2010 Beaver County Comprehensive Plan included and incorporated both the Comprehensive Recreation and Parks Plan (adopted in February, 2003) and the Beaver County Greenways and Trails Plan (adopted in November of 2007) as part of the current Comprehensive plan.