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Institutional Parole Representative / Population Control Officer

The position of Institutional Parole Representative / Population Control Officer involves institutional work consisting of parole counseling and guidance for eligible inmates as well as tracking all of the inmates housed in the Beaver County Jail to ensure the efficient flow of inmate traffic in and out of the facility. This position involves working in coordination with the Jail, the Court of Common Pleas, Clerk of Courts Office, Adult Probation Department, Domestic Relations, District Court Judges, Sheriff’s Office, District Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, County, State and Federal Corrections and State and Federal Parole. In addition, this officer monitors a home-furlough and good time program for qualified inmates.

The main duties as they apply to this position are:

    • Identify and interview inmates to determine eligibility for bond, Intermediate Punishment, possible furlough, early parole and parole, transfer to other correctional facilities and possible release from other detainees.
    • Expedite the scheduling of court hearings for the Court of Common Pleas, District Court Judges and Domestic Relations. Verify all data collected during interviews.
    • Research background history of offender status.
    • Prepare pre-parole plans/memos for the court.
    • Attend parole hearings, when required, to offer assistance or recommendations to the court.
    • Maintain a records system to determine home/medical-furlough eligibility, good-time accumulation, etc.
    • Supervise or monitor home/medical furlough participants.
    • Case management by the process of integrating court files, Adult Probation files and jail records.
    • Assist the clerk of courts or the courts themselves in computing credit time.
    • May assist in supervising and training a unit of probation officers.
    • Review the records of all inmates to determine eligibility for release, prior to the inmate being released from the jail.
    • Assist in planning, organizing and directing the county program of parole supervision and investigations.
    • Assist in the development and implementation of policies and regulations in accordance with law and court policy.
    • Supervise a small unit clerical staff, or assist in entire staff supervision.
    • Interpret the objectives and methods of parole planning and supervision to individuals, other agencies and the community.
    • Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with individuals and agencies concerned with rehabilitation of probation/parole cases.
    • Direct, through clerical staff, the preparation and maintenance of records and reports.