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Pre-Trial Services/Bond

In October of 1985, the Beaver County Court of Common Pleas Established a county bail program that would provide services to the Court Of Common Pleas and the Minor Judiciary in matters pertaining to pre-trial release of defendants accused of criminal offenses. 

This Program Is Known As Beaver County Pre-Trial Services

Under this system of bail, if the accused is arrested and charged with a criminal offense, he or she may be eligible for:

    1. Supervised 10% cash bail in a given dollar amount.
      1A. Supervised 10% cash bail in an amount to be determined after bond investigation and risk assessment.
    2. Supervised nominal bail.
    3. Supervised property bond.

Note: Straight cash bail, property bonds, and R.O.R. bonds will be accepted for supervision by Pre-Trial Services at the request of the Court of Common Pleas Judge or District Justice releasing a person under one of these methods. 


The accused may qualify for the 10% program. Example: Bail is set at $1,000.00; a $100.00 cash sum is required for release. The sum may be in the form of cash, certified bank check, or credit card. The bail bond may be posted by the accused or with the assistance of a Third Party Surety (person who will assume responsibility for the defendant to appear for all court proceedings). A Third Party Surety will guarantee full payment of the balance of the bond if the accused fails to appear for all court proceedings.

All bail is to be posted with the Clerk of Courts at the Courthouse. A filing fee will be charged.

If the accused complied with all bail conditions of a third party bond and the case reached final disposition, then 70% of the posted amount would be returned to the third party surety, i.e., unless otherwise specified. The balance of the posted amount (30%) will be retained as costs of administration. 

Example A: (Third Party Surety)

Bail is set at $2,000.00 and $200.00 in cash plus the service fee is used to post a bond by Third Party Surety. After final disposition $140.00 (70% of $200.00) is returned to the Third Party Surety or placed on the defendants court costs and fines if agreed upon by the Third Party Surety; $60.00 (30% of $200.00) is issued for costs of administration. The filing fee will be retained. 

Example B: (Defendant Surety)

Bail is set at $2,000.00 and $200.00 plus the service fee is posted by the accused. After final disposition $140.00 (70% of $200.00) is applied to court costs, fines and restitution. $60.00 (30% of $200.00) is retained as administrative costs.

If the defendant posted his own bond without a third party surety and complied with all bail conditions, all remaining money is applied to his/her court costs, fines and restitution.

The defendant will be supervised by Beaver County Pre-Trial Services until the case reaches final disposition. He/she will be subject to our rules and regulations. If the defendant fails to appear at any time during criminal proceedings or court hearings, the 10% will be forfeited and the remainder of the bail money will be paid to the county. 

Example C: (Forfeiture)

Bail was set at $10,000.00 and $1,000.00 was posted; if bail is forfeited, then the $1,000.00 is retained and the balance of $9,000.00 is owed to the county by the defendant or the Third Party Surety. 


In some cases, the District Justice may decide that a monetary bond is not necessary. The District Justice has the authority to release a defendant on his/her own recognizance (R.O.R.) or nominal bail. If the District Justice elects this bail with supervision, then the defendant would report to Pre-Trial Services. A service fee will be charged. 


Property bonds are ordered by the Court. Only real estate property (i.e., homes, land) can be used. No moveable property (i.e., vehicles, trailers) is accepted. The market value must equal the bond amount, and the property must be free and clear of all liens. This is researched by the Lawyers Abstract Office for a fee. 


    1. Save your receipt.
    2. When the case has reached final disposition, monies posted by a Third Party Surety will be returned to that person by U.S. Postal Service after all re-file and appeal periods have expired. The Clerk of Courts will mail refund checks on alternate Fridays.


    1. At least $30.00 will be retained in all 10% cases.
    2. 10% cash deposits will only be returned to the Third Party Surety.
    3. In the event the bail is forfeited, the 10% deposit is retained and the full amount of bail is due by the defendant or the Third Party Surety.
    4. No professional or commercial bondsman may post bail or act as Third Party Surety through this program.
    5. A $36.00 filing fee will be charged by the Clerk of Courts.


Report within 24 hours of release from the Beaver County Jail

    1. Report as directed.
    2. Report any change of address within 48 hours.
    3. Notify the office of any new charges.
    4. Report any continuation or termination of your case.
    5. Reply to all communications/notifications to appear.
    6. Report the receipt of any notice for appearances.
    7. Do not travel outside the county or state without notifying the Pre-Trial Services Office.
    8. Supervision may include the use of electronic monitoring or day reporting as conditions of pre-trial release. An additional fee will be assessed for this level of supervision.


    • Provide information to the minor judiciary and the court to assist in the decision making process of setting/modifying bail.
    • Make recommendations for bail reductions.
    • Supervise those released on bail through this program to assure the citizens of the community that the court monitors and supervises these individuals.
    • Make referrals to social agencies for defendant who needs treatment (resulting in much quicker services).
    • Notify all defendants under the program of all dates involving future court appearances.