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Human Services Development Funds (HSDF)

Human Services Development Funds (HSDF) is used to provide locally identified services that meet the human service needs of the residents of the county. These funds are given to the Beaver County Behavioral Health Office. This office then contracts with agencies that provide services that meet the HSDF goals.

The Funds can be used for service coordination or to provide generic services. Generic services are defined as services meeting the needs of two or more client populations. Specialized services are new services or a combination of services designed to meet the unique needs of a client population that is currently unmet can also be funded.


Services must target one of the following populations:

  • Low-income adults
  • Individuals who are homeless
  • Older Adults
  • Persons with substance use disorders
  • Persons with mental health problems
  • Persons with intellectual disabilities; and/or
  • Dependent and delinquent children.