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The Support Conference

A Support Conference is conducted after the filing of a new Complaint or a Petition for Modification. Requests can be received by filing the necessary information on www.childsupport.state.pa.us or by filing a request in writing, to the Domestic Relations Office. Both parties are required to appear to the Support Conference. If the initiating party fails to appear, the request shall be dismissed. If the responding party fails to appear, an order shall be issued based on information presented at the time of the conference. In the event of an out-of-state client, a phone conference can be requested. This request must be in writing and shall be approved prior to the date and time of the conference IF all necessary documentation is received.
At the time of the conference, the parties have the opportunity to make an agreement on the support amount. If an agreement is not able to be reached, the Officer shall issue a Recommended Order. Both parties have the ability to file an appeal to that order, in writing, within 20 days. A De Novo Hearing shall be promptly scheduled and heard before a Judge. If no appeal is requested, the Recommended Order shall become a Final Order after 20 days. 
The guideline calculation that is used during the Support Conference is established by the Supreme County of Pennsylvania and can be found online at www.childsupport.state.pa.us. Written agreements are also able to be accepted to establish a support case. For more information, please call the Client Services Unit at 724-773-8500.